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Welcome to 2022 Unicorns! Make sure to start off the new year with our DNE's newest issue of The Unicorn Herald. It features the DLT and what they thought about the past term. 

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Unicorns who work hard to serve their community are rewarded through monthly recognition, found on this site and in our upcoming newsletters

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Gain insight about the rest of the division through our newsletters, published monthly. 

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Our division consists of 12 Key Clubs in schools throughout the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys. 

Fostering spirit and service since 2016

Division 16 North has been working tirelessly to be a division that promotes spirit and service. This term's slogan, coined by Liuetenant Governor Katy Shin, is UNIJAM:

Unite, Nurture, Illuminate, Jazzy, Altruistic, Memorable


And thanks to the hard work of over 400 members in the 2020-2021 term, D16N took home 2 awards and D16N clubs, officers, and members took home more than 10 awards at DCON 2021, a first in Division 16 North history. We hope that this term, Unicorns will not only UNIJAM but make achievements in service and spirit that have never been made in D16N history before. 

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Pumpkin to talk about

Welcome to fall! Kick it off with a gorgeous and Halloween-themed division newsletter. You can see what our DLT and clubs have been up to!


Play hard, volunteer hard.

This quarantine, join us in our service projects to help out those in need. Check out our Upcoming Events page to see current and upcoming service projects!

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